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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Required to recycle

Here’s my first ever bag of recycling. I’ve started in the nick of time as my council is now considering making it illegal not to recycle.

I can’t believe anybody would intentionally avoid it – isn’t it just inconvenient? If you don’t recycle, tell me why not.

I found it difficult to work out what I can recycle as it seems to differ from borough to borough. I think I can recycle tins, plastic bottles, glass, cardboard and newspaper. Is that good or bad compared to you?


Blogger melissa said...

my recycling provider will take office paper, newspaper, cardboard boxes (as long as they're not contaminated with food like a pizza box) glass containers,aluminum cans, and certain types of plastic bottles that have a narrow neck opening, like shampoo, water bottles, detergent bottles but not things like yogurt containers or those tubs margerine comes in, even though it is a "recyclable" plastic.

I keep a list on my fridge to remind me what is OK and what isn't. that way it's easy to check.

4:25 pm GMT+1  
Blogger VegaWild said...

We recycle pretty much everything, tins, paper,plastic pags (yes they can go to the recylcer!)
The only thing i'm unsure of is envelopes. I say you can recycle these but my girlfriend says you cant, it's the glue that sticks the envelope down with, it won't bio-degrade or something. Food goes on our birdtable if it's appetising, if i've cooked it'll usually goes in the bin!
Keep up the good work!!

4:56 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous ruth said...

Clare - how are things going? I'm eagerly awaiting your next update.

10:59 am GMT+1  

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