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Monday, August 07, 2006

What's that smell?

You may wonder what I do with my rubbish when I'm out and about. I put it in my increasingly smelly handbag ofcourse. Today I'm taking home a soup can to go into my recycling bin. I also have two banana skins which need a home as I'm yet to get a compost bin.

Don't worry, I haven't thrown out my food waste from last week. I've saved it in an ice cream tub in my fridge. My housemate must think I'm on a new diet of egg shells and onion peel.


Blogger Jean said...

see for more exciting things you could be doing with your eggshells; but if they're already smashed to bits then you could be using them as a real crackle glaze on anything you care to decorate - eg a box. if you know of any children the possibilities are endless - eggshell chalk for drawing on pavements,(hot water and flour) eggshell people with green watercress hair, table ornaments I could go on. onionskins could be used to dye stuff - but it isn't a fast dye and fades in sunlight.

6:59 am GMT+1  
Anonymous Ki. said...

DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs) have a report on their website which may interest you:

Utilisation of egg sgell waste from UK egg processing and hatchery establishments.

According to their confidential report, "eggshell membrane can be used to eliminate heavy metal ions from a dilute waste solution". I bet you'll be able to sleep sounder knowing that!

2:32 pm GMT+1  
Blogger not a load of rubbish said...

Thanks. After days of trying to avoid the suggestion that I use the egg shells, it seems they are actually quite useful - they can even be made into chalk.

2:51 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous Chazzi said...

Got a veg patch? put crushed egg shells round your brassicas. slugs can't moveover the egg shell surface.

2:25 pm GMT+1  

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