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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I didn’t think through this experiment. I don't know how to compost or what is recyclable. So, I have a fridge full of compost and have lived on three chicken legs, beer and a chewing gum for the last week.

But I’ve faced up to it and am seeking help. I’ve posted on the friends of the earth and home recycling forums.

If you know someone who is particularly anal about composting, recycling or reducing waste, tell them I need their help!


Blogger Jean said...

go to the bbc gardening site - it shows you how to make your own compost bin and when you've read that you'll go out and buy one - try your local council they sometimes sell them cheaply. but you can make yourown interactive compost heap on the bbc site, loads of fun for a rainy afternoon!

7:48 pm GMT+1  
Blogger waster said...

you can also ask help from master composters from the LCRN website, see if you have any available in the area you live

or 020 7324 4690

If you want I can send you a free pocket size book about compost, send me an email with your address

PS: You can get a subsidized composter/wormery from your council

10:41 am GMT+1  
Blogger not a load of rubbish said...

Thanks Waster,

Really useful stuff there, I'll let you know how I get on with composting.

3:10 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous optimadeo said...

how is it going? - composting is about heat so refrigeration is a bit odd

9:15 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous Mea said...

I don't do compost anymore. I thickly mulch my garden and just slide the potential compostables under the mulch, a different area each time. By the end of the growing season it has been "absorbed" by the soil. And there is no odor when doing this either.

12:15 am GMT+1  
Anonymous jessica said...

i've been doing something similar, if you want to see how i've done it.

6:09 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous Izzi Goodward said...

For anyone one else looking for guidance on composting, what to put in your compost bin and what green and brown items when composting, I found this really good website that tells you all you need to know about composting.

8:53 am GMT+1  

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