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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Burnt offerings

I’ve been forced to go cold turkey on office biscuits because they have un-recyclable packaging. Two days ago I resorted to making shortbread from scratch for the first time ever. I proudly presented the results to my colleagues and we gobbled them up before you could say, “take a picture for the blog.”

Not so quick to take a biscuit today though are they? At least that means you can see proof that I made them. Even if they are burnt.

Any suggestions for what to do with burnt biscuits?


Anonymous Hel said...

feed them to the birds?

2:13 pm GMT+1  
Blogger not a load of rubbish said...

There are two reasons not to. Firstly, it goes against my favourite new saying, feed a bird, feed a rat.

Secondly in some places it is against the law.

2:34 pm GMT+1  
Blogger not a load of rubbish said...

Shock and awe! It turns out they eat burnt biscuits as well - They're all gone. I did offer 10p for for the person prepared to eat the most charred biscuit but I needn't have bothered as not a crumb is left.

5:47 pm GMT+1  

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