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Thursday, August 10, 2006

That time of the month

If you don't want to read about periods or sanitary products, look away now. Before you go, I know how you feel. I don't want to talk about it either.

Unfortunately for me, it is all very relevant to the living a zero landfill waste month. When in landfill, tampons and pads take at least 6 months to biodegrade. Plastic components such as applicators, wrappers, topsheets and backing strips can last indefinitely.

An alternative is the Mooncup. It's like a reusable tampon - you can see the American version, the Keeper in the picture.

The whole Mooncup thing fills me with horror. It distresses me so much I don't know how to start talking about it.

I contacted Kath at Mooncup Ltd who was more sympathetic than comforting. When I told her about the experiment, she warned me:

"If you are up for getting a mooncup for your month without waste, it's worth noting that it can take up to 3 cycles to get the angle and position right."

Aaaaaaah! If you know of another alternative, please tell me.


Anonymous Ki. said...

CityHippy have a post about the mooncup - and they point out Australian company Pleasure Puss' reusable cloth pads - available in leopard, gingham, and hideous floral prints. Amazing.

4:27 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love what you're doing - much respect to you!
Mooncups aren't that bad - I voluntarily bought on eabout 6 months ago. They take a bit of gettin gused to, but the bonus is you get a cup full of period to do evil things with. As you're not wasting things, what are you going to do with the blood? I hope you pour it into some on's coffee ^_^ boo xxx

5:50 pm GMT+1  
Blogger not a load of rubbish said...

That is the most disgusting thing I've read. And I'm not talking about the strange floral patterns.

6:17 pm GMT+1  
Blogger DeathByVegetables said...

I feel faint ... but blood is a good nutrient to be used in your compost ... what the hell do I know, I kill all plants I get near, but it could be that I never use blood.

1:46 pm GMT+1  
Blogger DeathByVegetables said...

Also good for signing you name in letters that you wish to be particularly threatening.

1:48 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous francolin said...

this is so gross! I don't care - but i won't be doing this.

9:13 pm GMT+1  
Blogger melissa said...

I would suggest Natracare sanitary products, I believe they are biodegradable and available for purchase online.

as for the keeper/moon cup, if you're serious about it, try it. I currently use a disposable cup called "instead" and it is easy to use. Once I get very comfortable with it I might switch to the keeper.

I've heard some women use the keeper to save their monthly flow as it is supposed to be great for gardening. Personally I'm not down with that. but it goes to show just how we take something totally biodegradable and make it harmful to the environment by encasing it in bleached materials and plastics.

3:40 am GMT+1  
Anonymous Ruth said...

This may have just come to me in a dream, but I understand that in the olden days ladies used to use Sphagnum Moss to absorb their monthlies.

Now that would provide a compostable alternative to the loon cup and as you're off to the Highlands this weekend you could gather yourself a nice crop.

You will have the demise of the Scottish blanket bogs on your conscience though.

5:31 pm GMT+1  
Blogger not a load of rubbish said...

Wow, I thought the whole composting thing was a joke. Travelled across London to find a mooncup yesterday and felt strangely satisfied having bought it.

10:53 am GMT+1  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too use a cup, but I prefer the Diva Cup by day and cloth pads at night. I got them from Initially I bought them because I was sick of spending money on disposable products.

4:35 pm GMT+1  
Blogger Village Green said...

In the 70s I used to use menstrual sponges. Squeeze it out, rinse and reinsert.

6:47 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous Mea said...

I've used the Keeper and homemade pads for years and will never go back to using uncomfortable, non-green and expensive commercial products again.

9:04 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i use menstrual sponges. they have come back since the seventies. they are sustainably harvested sea sponges. like a tampon. just squeeze, rinse, reuse. i think the brand is "sea pearls"

1:41 am GMT+1  
Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

I use Natracare products. Got put off the fabric pads by a flatmate who used to leave hers marinating in a bucket for days at a time. I know I'd be the woman who couldn't get the fit of her mooncup right before hitting menopause

4:47 pm GMT+1  
Anonymous Jamie said...

I use the Mooncup. It's great. I can't imagine ever going back to tampons. It's not gross to use a Mooncup, it's the same amount of blood anyways - on the upside (apart from environmental perks) it's also way cheaper in the long run, you are free from TSS risks and you don't have to worry about not bringing extra tampons with you - it's always there :) I have only nice things to say about the Mooncup, it wasn't that difficult to use either (I though it might be). It's just plain PERFECT.

5:41 am GMT+1  
Anonymous st garrison said...

i've been using the mooncup for about two years and i'm ecstatic about it. I will NEVER use a tampon again. anyone who thinks menstruation, or the use of alternatives to tampons and pads, is disgusting needs to grow up.

1:28 pm GMT+1  

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