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Friday, August 25, 2006

Dirty weekend

I'm not so much recycling and composting, more hoarding. I'm turning into Mr Trebus, the magnificent hoarder from the docusoap Life of Grime.

Most of stuff I'm hoarding is packaging for things I really want but know I can't recycle.

I spent the weekend away and came home with a box of rubbish. Hotels insist on putting everything in tiny packets - their milk, their butter, their sugar. Aaaah! Why can't they have a sugar bowl and a big slab of butter? Surely that would be cheaper.


Anonymous Jean said...

dirty - and profitable for some - weekend .
Here's a comment from a caterers website:
"Careful control of the amount of food served to every customer – or portion control – is essential if you are to stick to your profit margins. Sound portion control can save a restaurant hundreds, or even thousands of pounds every year. For example, an extra 1p worth of meat served on each plate could mean a loss of £100 over the year when 100 meals are served daily".
The wholesale price for those little milk tubs is £3.54 for 120 portions - say about 600mls of milk in total. At a time when milk is 33p a plastic pint in the supermarket, what sane caterer is going to pay 10 times that amount unless the poor sucker customer foots the bill. and don't say health and safety....

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